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A collection of the local guides, services and Responsible Tourism resources that are listed at the end of each post, as well as this weeks highlighted organization

South Georgia Island

South Georgia Heritage Trust


South Georgia is a environmental wonderland. Animal and bird life find solitude and love peacefully, with little human interference. And this is not accidental. It's because the South Georgia Heritage Trust goes to great lengths to protect and restore the habitat in order to protect the area from invasive species and save native birdlife from extinction. You can see more of this beautiful island in my blog about my trip to Antarctic, South Georgia and the Falkland Islands here. And once you see South Georgia in all its glory, in person or in photographs, I think you will appreciate these efforts and understand how your part as a steward can play such an important role in protecting one of the most incredible places on earth. 

Guides, Groups & Organizations by destination


Vistalba Wine Tours

Vistalba Wine Tours, is a locally owned and operated company located in Mendoza, Argentina.  They conduct daily tours for small groups, private tours and others activities. They know how important it is to have a guide you can trust and somebody who helps you find exactly what you are looking for. Being Mendoza locals for many years, they know many of the smaller more boutique wineries that are off the beaten path, as well as larger, more well-known wineries.  They will gladly help you plan a custom tour specific to your needs and take you on an unforgettable ride in the majestic Mendoza Wine Country.


The Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society

“The Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society (CPAWS) is Canada’s only nationwide environmental charity dedicated solely to the protection of their public land and water, and ensuring the parks are managed to protect the nature within them. This organization works to protect well-known areas such as Kananaskis, the Whaleback and the Castle Wilderness. They also offer environmental education in the classroom and interpretive hikes in nature to foster a new generation of environmental stewardship” 


On Santorini - Tours by Locals could help you see the island in unique ways & keep your money on the islands.

On Mykonos - you can help local guides like Antonis make a living by enlisting their services to learn more about the island.


Landvrnda nature conservation program who aims to protects the highlands and other Icelandic resources through strategic planning and education

INCA - the Icelandic Nature Conservation Assocation


Local mountain guides

Italy/Cinque Terre

Revolve Water -

a non-profit association dedicated to advancing environmental sustainability with a focus on communicating the value of water. Their mission is to identify, encourage and implement innovative solutions for citizens, companies and cities to become more sustainable in their water and energy usage. Their project in Cinque Terre aims to maintain an alignment with the traditional ways of life while making provisions to alleviate and lessen the amount of destruction should another flood occur. Better prevention measures are key to properly addressing the threat of flash floods in Cinque Terre as in other areas around the Mediterranean and beyond. You can learn more and support them here:

Local guides - Florence:


Education for All - 

Education For All (EFA) was established to help provide the opportunity of a secondary education for girls from the High Atlas mountain region. They build and run high-quality boarding houses for girls from 12–18. Everything is provided for free. They offer three nutritious meals a day, hot showers, cosy beds, access to computers, study support via an international volunteer program and dedicated, local housemothers. The overall environment makes it easy for the girls to settle in and thrive in their studies. We see an average of 90% pass rate across all years and now have 50 EFA girls enrolled at university.

New Zealand


ECO is a network of fifty-plus large and small environmental organizations based all around New Zealand, as well as several hundred individual Friends. The core of ECO’s work is promoting and strengthening community environmental action, and working collaboratively towards better government policies and management decisions. ECO also works on global issues such as climate change, Antarctica, and oceans.”

Local guides - Queenstown




Patagonia Conservation


"Our organization is part of the Tompkins Conservation family of organizations, established by entrepreneurs-turned-conservationists Kristine and Douglas Tompkins to establish new protected areas, recover imperiled species, implement organic agriculture, support leading-edge activism, and promote healthy communities. Conservacion Patagonica itself is a small team, but many thousands more throughout the world have joined in this project in one form or another, be it volunteering with ecosystem restoration, donating, spreading the word, serving as supportive neighbors, or lending expertise." - Conservacion Patagonica


Peruvian Hearts - a girls’ education and empowerment program that provides financial support and mentorship for ambitious young women to pursue their educational and professional goals. 

"Peruvian Hearts works to end poverty and gender inequality by educating young women and creating community leaders in Peru, one girl at a time. Peruvian-born Ana Dodson developed this nonprofit organization to enable young women to embrace education, believe in their own power, and dream of a life beyond the conditions into which they were born."


South Africa

Cape Nature Conservation -

a resource for accommodations & activities that support conservation & educate the public on environmental campaigns – is one example. This group aims to establish a 'Conservation Economy' in the Western Cape and to turn biodiversity conservation into a key component of the local economic development processes in the province.

Local guides - Cape Town:

Table Mountain hiking guides:

Paradise Touring:


South Georgia

Preserving the island's past and creating a better future for South Georgia -

The South Georgia Heritage Trust (SGHT) was established in 2005 to raise funds to support its two primary purposes:

-to help efforts to conserve and protect those species of indigenous fauna and flora that breed and grow on Sotuh Georgoa or in the surrounding seas and to raise awareness of South Georgia's threatened species.

-to assist efforts to preserve the historical heritage of South Georgia, including selected historical sites of importance, and increase international awareness of the human history of the island through the South Georgia Museum.

NOTE: Unless specifically stated that we personally used a certain service or organization, some listed sites were found simply through online search & further research of their stated mission & role within the tourism industry. In much of our travels up to these last few years, not all local businesses had online links that I could refer to. I hope someday that all of the recommended organizations on this site will be ones that we have personally used and that we can connect you to via internet. Until then, I will do my best to either give your a way to find the locals we have worked with in some way, or provide a substitute that has good online presence & that appears aligned with this site's values & goals. Please let us know if you have any adverse experience or information to the contrary.

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