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About Us

Hiking through the Narrows, Utah
eating sushi in Rio
Climbing Mount Baker
Horseshoe Bend, Utah
Santorini, Greece

As a career professional for over twenty years, I was good at my job, and I served a lot of people with my expertise. Yet, I never felt as happy, at home or as light-hearted as I did when I was traveling, meeting new people, exploring nature, and exchanging stories. I did a lot of research, kept extensive notes, files and lists of recommendations throughout all of those years and to this day I still get inquiries about trips I did years ago.

I am also an Hybrid-Travel enthusiast. I have a history of dabbling in adventure racing, triathlon and multi-day trekking and love physically exploring a destination. But I can also be happy lounging comfortably on a beach with a glass of 'bubbly' in my hand. 

These days I create low-cost, on-demand personal development courses and live simply and comfortably in San Luis Obispo, CA with my husband Nic, who is also a career professional turned landscape photographer

These last 4-5 years have been pivotal for both of us. We've taken a hard look at who we are as people, what really makes us tick, and what we both are really passionate about. I decided that to live my life more fully and intentionally, that I needed to make time for pursuits that represented my internal passions, increased my connection to the outdoors and guided others, in some way, to do the same. So now, I am Jen - writer, educator, world explorer and still a full-time student of life. It feels so much better.

Over the last twenty-five years we've traveled extensively, putting a lot of time and effort into research and creation of some pretty cool trips to some pretty amazing places. So why keep it to ourselves? Other people have helped me out so much with different aspects of my life that sharing some of my experience and insight on travel feels like a fair trade. Thus, ParadoxTravel was born.

My goal is to inspire you with great stories and photos and to share recommendations and easy-to-follow itineraries that will save you time and make actualizing your travel dreams that much easier.

Responsible Travel

I also feel strongly about viewing travel not as a commodity but as an interactive tool that allows us to do something positive for our environment and the communities that sustain it. Travel is not just about what we experience, but how it changes us and what we do with that experience so that others may benefit as well. Travel can be an exchange - an opportunity for personal experience, but also an opportunity to interact and give support so that other travelers and future generations can have that same experience after us. Our Earth is changing rapidly and our travel experience can be a way to support communities and environments so that special places remain accessible for years to come.


So throughout the site, you will be introduced to organizations and experts that either work hard to sustain it, encourage young people to connect to their natural environment, or support Responsible Travel. Individually, we may not feel that we can do much to produce significant change. But combined, we can make an impact and feel like we are part of something bigger


So don’t bypass those vacation days. Let’s get out there, explore and connect! And be change-makers so that others can appreciate this planet for years to come.


The Dolomites, Italy
Crossing a river
Casablance, Morroco
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