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About ParadoxTravel

A Paradox

  1. Something that appears contradictory, but is actually true  

  2. A person or action that has contradictory qualities


I get these funny looks sometimes when I describe the type of hybrid travel my husband and I enjoy - a sort of head-cocked, furrowed-brow glance that says, "huh...Really?" Or a wide-eyes surprised responses of, " you guys did what?!"


Our friends who love luxury find it a little odd that we enjoy camping, trail running and eating ‘street food’ in foreign countries, just as much as we can enjoy a more upscale experience.

Our outdoor enthusiast friends squint skeptically when I describe some of the unique resorts, personally guided experiences or Michelin-rated restaurants that we have dined at, as if appreciation of elegance and love of nature are mutually exclusive concepts.

They’re not.

We simply love both.

It’s called Hybrid Travel

Sydney, Australia
Camping at sunrise

So If you are like us and enjoy camping one week and then maybe lounging at an upscale resort the next, you are in the right place.


If you like being outdoors, being physically active, hiking though mountains or cycling through villages, and then rewarding yourself with some relaxation at a boutique bed and breakfast at the end?

Awesome. So do we.


If you are the type traveler who loves the solitude of the mountains, the smell of Jet-Boil coffee in the morning and total immersion into nature, but then sometimes craves an extraordinary meal, some soft, cushy linens and a good bottle of wine when you come back? You have found your tribe.

In other words, I believe whole-heartedly that you can appreciate and enjoy one type of travel experience without compromising your enjoyment of the other, even if the two seem contradictory.

We created ParadoxTravel to be a resource for both the active traveler AND the leisure-minded traveler. By combining the two in some way, couples or individuals with varying levels of interest in each, have more options of trips that they can enjoy together!


Hybrid travel is a great solution for friends or couples with varied travel interests and budgets to get everything they want out of a vacation. Not only does it make traveling together more fun, but by honoring each other’s preferences it can even strengthen the relationship by showing a willingness to integrate your partner’s choices. And you know the saying, couples that play together, stay together!

The Superbowl

Okay, that sounds good to me. So how do I travel Hybrid?


1. Get Outside and Explore!


Whether traveling solo or as a couple, Paradox Travel strongly advocates the inclusion of physical activity and connection to Nature as crucial components of every trip. These two aspects not only support a healthy lifestyle and provide a needed break from our busy tech-centric lives, but it also offers a different view of the world by stripping an experience down to its purest, most natural and physical form.



2. Take care of YOU.


I also firmly believe that nurturing personal wellbeing is equally important. Busy, demanding lives can take a toll on us as individuals, as well as on our relationships. So allowing yourself to occasionally experience beautiful, soft surroundings, unique amenities and a level of attention that makes you feel relaxed and cared for, is one way that you can nurture yourself as well as reconnect with your partner. Is it the only way to do that? No, of course not.  But temporarily stepping into a world far different than the one you live in everyday, can sure feel like an oasis of tranquility and a much-needed escape.

3. Mix it up!

There is something good to be experienced at every level of travel. We've had some incredible conversations and been privy to great local tips when we stay at more rustic AirB&B's or simple farmsteads. Plus we gain a better understanding of the lives that really support the tourism is that area. In addition, we appreciate the exclusivity and privilege of a luxurious resort even more, when contrasted with a more simple accommodation on the same trip.  And finally, when we mix the two styles in this way, we get an additional bonus - we optimize our travel budget. When we opt to eat simply one or two evenings, we feel even more relaxed about a Michelin-rated dining experience on another night. And when we choose low cost, affordable hotels in one part of our trip, we can splurge on a more expensive or unique location on another night and still stay within budget.

street food in Thailand
Camping on Mount Baker
Africa Safari Lodge
South Africa
Chamonix, France
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