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Sprinter van in front of Mount Rainer

We want to get more people out there exploring the planet through hybrid travel!

Welcome to ParadoxTravel

Your #1 free resource for travel itineraries and recommendations

that combine active travel with leisure travel, and integrate luxury experiences with affordable exploration.

We want to make it easier for you to get out there!

Hi! We're Jen & Nic

I'm a public speaker and neuroscience-based educator who creates non-profit on-demand personal development classes. And my husband is a professional landscape photographer. And as much as we love our chosen occupations, we also love to explore and travel - active travel, leisure travel, van-camping and backpacking, as well as some special destination luxury experiences. I designed this free resource because we understand that road trip and travel planning can be time-consuming and over-whelming at times. And if you're traveling with a friend, a spouse or a family member, it can definitely add to the complexity.


Because even the most synergistic friends or partners don't completely mirror each other's travel preferences or style.

But that's okay. We found a solution....

Jen and Nic Stover - Paradox Travel

...for two basic travel problems faced by both couples and friends alike.

number one

One travel partner prefers a more rugged, sport-oriented or active travel vacation. While the other favors a more relaxed, luxurious, or bespoke experience, as an escape from the stress of their everyday life.

number two

Or when friends travel together, there are often varying financial resources to consider.

Which is why we believe that

Hybrid Travel is the solution

  • If you are someone who enjoys van-camping one week and then lounging at an upscale resort the next... you're in the right place.


  • If you like being physically active, hiking though mountains or cycling through villages, and then rewarding yourself with some relaxation at a boutique bed and breakfast at the end...Perfect. So do we.


  • If you are the type of traveler who loves the solitude of the mountains, the smell of Jet-Boil coffee in the morning and total immersion into nature, but then sometimes craves an extraordinary meal, some soft, cushy linens and a good bottle of wine when you come back... you've found your tribe.

​​In other words, we believe whole-heartedly that you can appreciate and enjoy one style of travel experience without compromising your enjoyment of the other, even if the two seem contradictory.


ParadoxTravel is a resource for both the active traveler AND the leisure-minded traveler, and for those who embrace mixed style experiences. By combining the two in some way, not only is travel time optimized, but couples or individuals with varying travel interest and budgets have more options for how they can enjoy traveling together.


We also want to share some of the work.

Depending on how unique or remote your dream trip is, it can require a lot of time to research and plan. So what started out as a fun project, can sometimes turn into a logistical HEADACHE.

So this site is intended to be an inspiration and planning resource for travelers who have big travel dreams but not a lot of free time.

It's a site that will jumpstart your planning by providing recommendations and suggested travel itineraries for those 'Bucket List' trips in far away places or with complicated logistics. 

 So stay a while and take a look.


Hybrid Travel IS possible.


And we’re going to show you how it’s done.

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Torres del Paine, Patagonia
The Dolomites, Italy
South Africa Safari

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